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What Causes Hot Tire Pickup and How to Solve It

Ever heard of hot tire pickup? Also called hot tire lift, this is one of the leading issues that people encounter when dealing with epoxy coatings on garage floors. Of course, anybody will feel some degree of consternation if they apply a new beautiful coating on their garage floor only for patches to peel up when their car tires sit on it.

If you happen to be dealing with the same problem, then read on — the sections below will focus on identifying the causes of hot tire pickup as well as the things you can do to prevent it.

What Causes Hot Tire Pickup

When you drive for a long period of time at highway speeds, the internal temperature of your car tires will get extremely hot. Sometimes, tires even expand as a result of the heat. Once you park your vehicle in the garage area, that same heat diffuses on your tires until it reaches the epoxy coating underneath. When cooling starts, you can bet that your tires will be able to pull at the surface of the epoxy coating of your garage flooring.

What Prevents Hot Tire Pickup

Perhaps the most common reason for hot tire pickup is the use of low-grade epoxy coating, particularly if it is water-based. The heat from your tires can reactivate the curing process of the epoxy because it has low heat tolerance. As a result, the inferior epoxy coating will soften under the car tires.

Luckily, there is a solution to this problem. You can easily protect your garage flooring with a high-performing and attractive coating system called polyaspartic floor coating. This substance has greater resistance to peeling, denting and chipping. It can be used on garage floors, basements and outside patios.

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