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Improving the Air Quality Inside Your Garage

Some homeowners might have gotten used to the smell of exhaust fumes and chemicals in their garage, but the risk they pose to you and your family’s health should never be underestimated. High concentrations of airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are usually found in garages; these compounds are responsible for that chemical smell in the […]

Floor Paint Verus Epoxy: A Comparison

Epoxy and floor paint—these two garage floor coatings both have the ability to turn ordinary garage spaces into elegant-looking ones. In ascertaining which one is right for you, you must first determine your purpose. You may ask yourself the following questions: do you expect casual visitors or high traffic (e.g., heavy machinery and vehicles passing […]

What to Consider When Choosing Flooring Materials for Schools

There are lots of factors that go into designing schools, from the right color of paint down to the type of flooring. When it comes to flooring, even more considerations come into play. Space, aesthetics, maintainability, durability, comfort, acoustics, air quality and cost are all important.

Polyaspartic Coating for Garage Floors: An FAQ

Guardian Garage Floors, your local provider of coating systems for garage floors residential and commercial, offers a perfect alternative to epoxy, floor mats, tiles, rubber flooring, and DIY floor coating kits. Our premium polyaspartic floor coating systems are highly durable, long-lasting, attractive, and affordable. They are ideal not just for garages, but also carports, basements, […]

Polyaspartic Floor Coating

Garage floors are subject to extreme abuse. For them to retain their looks, you’ll need to carefully consider the materials you work with as well as the type of floor coating you use. Polyaspartic polyurea is the perfect alternative to garage flooring, floor mats and tiles. Guardian Garage Floors can transform your dated garage into […]