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3 Unique Advantages of Rubber Flooring Tiles

Rubber tiles are an uncommon flooring material for garage floors; residential property owners seldom use them as they are seen as commercial or industrial. These tiles, however, have inherent advantages that separate them from the usual garage floor tile and coating.

3 Unique Advantages of Rubber Flooring Tiles

In this post, Guardian Garage Floors shares the three unique advantages of rubber flooring tiles.

Durable and Easy to Maintain

Rubber tiles are strong and stay resilient under a variety of conditions. They’re not as susceptible to scratches and tears as other flooring options and they can withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic easily.

These tiles are also simple to maintain, with synthetic rubber boasting more stain resistance than natural rubber. Synthetic rubber is the best choice for garage floors that experience a lot of spills. All it takes to clean rubber tiles are a damp mop and a light detergent.

Soft Underfoot

Despite its inherent durability, rubber floors are soft underfoot. This unique trait is one of the reasons these tiles are the only choice for playrooms and exercise rooms. Some rubber tiles even have extra cushioning such as fabric, cork or foam rubber backing.

Many Style Options

Rubber tiles also boast many style options to choose from. While the standard polished black or gray slate is still the most common, there are now many textures to choose from such as coin, leaf, and diamond-plate. There are even rubber tiles that mimic the look of wood flooring or other tiles – a testament to the sheer versatility of this flooring material.

At Guardian Garage Floor, we’ll help you pick the best rubber floor tile for your garage. Thanks to our step-by-step flooring process, we guarantee one-day garage floors when you work with us.

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