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Considerations To Make Regarding Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Like your garage floors, your commercial kitchen’s flooring also needs the proper considerations to make it last. After all, it’s submitted to the harsh punishments on a daily basis from hot oil splatter, foot traffic and even dropped metal pans. Apart from that, good commercial kitchen flooring will also help maintain sanitation conditions. 

In this post, Guardian Garage Floors discuss the important considerations you should make when it comes to your commercial kitchen’s flooring.

Hygiene Support

Hygiene is an important factor in any kitchen since a food safety breach can seriously impact the health of your workers and guests. Depending on your kitchen’s flooring, the creases and seams can allow food particles and liquids to become stuck and invite bacteria and mold growth. With that in mind, choose a flooring option that will allow easy cleaning and prevent stains from occurring.

Slip Resistance

Water, cooking oil as well as other liquids can frequently spill in a kitchen, creating hazards that can cause someone to slip and injure themselves. To combat this, you can add some slip-resistant mats to provide some safety precautions in your kitchen flooring.

Chemical Resistance

Like your garage floors, your commercial kitchen should be able to withstand exposure to varying substances with different temperatures. These substances include hot oil, grease or even boiling water. Granular ingredients, kitchen equipment and harsh detergents can also cause blisters and cracks to your commercial kitchen flooring. Therefore, be sure to choose a durable and high performance finish that can withstand these kitchen items for your commercial kitchen’s flooring.

Moisture Tolerance

Moisture can proliferate in your commercial kitchen through two sources: the humidity caused by cooking and cleanup routines and moisture vapor transmission, which comes from the concrete itself or the soil beneath said concrete. Whichever the case, the moisture can cause your commercial kitchen flooring to deteriorate early if not properly addressed.

The Best Choice: Polyaspartic Floor Coating Systems

With all the considerations mentioned above, you might be hard pressed to find a commercial kitchen flooring that can withstand most damage. Luckily, there’s something you can apply known as polyaspartic floor coating. Polyaspartic floor coatings can give you an incredibly durable and long lasting protection for your commercial flooring. With its low-to-zero volatile organic compound, the cure time is much faster, making it a popular protection choice for commercial floors, garage floors and even industrial applications.

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