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Dodge These Garage Floor Mistakes

When finishing garage flooring, most people rush the process and end up with a subpar result. In today’s blog post, Guardian Garage Floors discusses the most common mistakes when finishing a garage floor.

Poor Application

Perhaps the greatest mistake is attributable to poor epoxy application. Bad floor preparation (i.e., not freeing it from contaminants and residues), together with lack of knowledge that epoxy does not bind on a smooth surface, is a recipe for disaster.

Shy away from impatience in the drying process, too. If you do not allow at least a day or two (24-36 hours) for the concrete to dry, the stacked moisture may leave dreadful bubbles on the surface.

Going DIY

Also, you may want to think twice about buying DIY coating cases available in most hardware stores. Without proper training, you may end up spilling the wrong chemical on your garage flooring. This can result in hefty costs of redoing it all over.

If you are running low on epoxy, you will be better off buying a refill than stretching the remaining bit out. Doing the latter will likely result in areas with less lustrous surfaces and an obvious disparity in color. To avoid this dilemma, you should conduct a thorough estimate first of how much epoxy you will really need.

Read the Instructions

Not following the recommended temperature and humidity instructions can be just as troublesome too. The application below the recommended temperature may not solidify the epoxy well, while higher temperatures significantly reduce its life span by at least 50%.

Just imagine the probable hassles that a failed epoxy application will mean for you and your garage floors—epoxy delamination, peeling and slabs (not to mention the financial costs of redoing). What about the plain frustration it brings? Wouldn’t it be better to just hire an established garage floor professional that’s been servicing to multitudes of clients for more than 10 years?

Guardian Garage Floors is home to highly qualified floor installers. With our in-house premium polyaspartic floor coating systems, we take pride in providing you with highly durable, attractive and affordable garage floor coatings.

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