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Epoxy Floor Maintenance Tips

Epoxy floor coatings may be a popular choice among contractors, but this type of coating comes with a significant disadvantage: epoxy floors yellow as their resin materials are exposed to heat, light and water. Age is also a possible cause; as the epoxy coating gets older, it becomes more prone to yellowing.

There are a few ways to slow down the yellowing of epoxy floors, however. Guardian Garage Floors, a top flooring company in the state, lists them below.

Avoid Using Acidic or Basic Products to Clean Your Epoxy Floors

Whether it’s your basement floors or garage floors, avoid cleaning them using citrus-or-vinegar-based solutions. Their acids can dull the floor’s gloss finish. The same applies to soap-based cleaners; avoid using them as they can leave behind streaks and a hazy film that will be difficult to scrub off.

Choose Colors That Already Have Yellow Pigments

By choosing colors with heavy yellow pigments for your floor, the yellowing of the epoxy floor won’t be too noticeable.

Apply UV-Resistant Sealer

Perhaps the best way to prevent the yellowing of epoxy floors is to apply a clear, UV-resistant urethane sealer to your floor. However, the UV-resistant coating can only slow down the natural yellowing of epoxy floors; the coating can’t entirely prevent discoloration.

It takes a lot of effort to slow down the discoloration of epoxy floors. Other types of floor coatings, however, don’t have such a problem.

Polyaspartic floor coating is one such type of coating; its UV-resistant properties allow it to maintain its colors even when exposed to light, making it a suitable choice for garage floors residential in nature.

Apart from their susceptibility to yellowing, epoxy floor coatings also take about six to eight hours to dry. Polyaspartic floor coatings, on the other hand, only need a few hours to dry.

As such, polyaspartic floor coatings are the ideal choice for those who are looking for quick, one-day garage floors.

Guardian Garage Floors offers coatings that are more durable than standard epoxy coatings. To learn more about our flooring services and products, call (615) 278-9900 or (404) 334-2797 or fill out this form. We serve homeowners in Marietta, GA.