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Flooring Material Safety Features You Should Consider

Safety is a key consideration when choosing flooring material for one day garage floors. The right kind of flooring can reduce the risks of injuries. Guardian Garage Floors discusses the safety features you should consider when choosing flooring material.

Slip-Resistant Features

Flooring with slip-resistant features is preferable over wearing footwear with similar properties. The smoother and harder the surface is, the greater the risk of accidents. This also applies to rooms that require carpeting. If there’s no traction between the floor and the underside of the carpet, the risk of injury is at the same level as a wet bathroom.

Polyaspartic coating is ideal for areas such as garage floors, where carpeting is not an option. As a form of epoxy, it dries as a durable surface yet with considerable traction that mitigates the chances of slippage, even when the surface is wet.

Uneven Surfaces

Tripping can occur when there’s at least a half-inch change in flooring height, especially when the change isn’t expected or visually discernible. Such issues should be corrected as soon as possible, especially if it’s in high-foot-traffic areas like paths. While certain materials like floor coverings can “smooth out” such surfaces, these are merely temporary measures at best. Wear and tear from foot traffic can push the material into the uneven area and result in cracks or holes.

Transition Between Flooring Material

This is typical of building entrances. One could come in walking on a concrete surface then the flooring suddenly becomes marble or tile, which increases the risk of an accident if one isn’t aware of such change. You can reduce the risk by choosing a material with a contrasting color that visually signals the transition between flooring material. If this is not an option, certain coatings can be applied to existing flooring.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

Certain types of floors need to be polished or kept wet for some time. Wet or polished floors are only ideal if the occupants wear slip-resistant footwear, but, as mentioned earlier, this is not ideal. The flooring material should ideally be easy to clean and maintain and should not require cleaning products that take too long to dry or leave a residue that might reduce friction.

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