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How to Pick the Best Garage Floor Mat

The standard concrete garage floor is durable and long-lasting, but its overall performance can be enhanced with the right garage floor coating or mat. You have many options to choose from and it can be difficult to find the best one for your garage.

How to Pick the Best Garage Floor Mat

In this post, Guardian Garage Floors shares tips to keep in mind when picking a floor mat for your garage.

Things to Look For

There are some key features to look for from your new epoxy garage floor or coating. These include:

  • A high resistance to chemical and petroleum spills

  • The ability to withstand foot and vehicle traffic

  • Slip resistance and cushioning

  • A textured or grooved surface

  • Smoothness and strength

Thickness is another important consideration when shopping for mats. The simplest way to pick between the thicknesses is to determine what your garage floor will be handling. The usual foot and vehicle traffic can do with standard mats that are ½ inch thick, while heavy-duty mats that are about ¾ inch are best for garages that house heavier cars and equipment.

The Rollout Mat

Rollout mats are a great alternative to the usual stick-and-apply mat as they can be moved around whenever you wish. These mats are also easier to clean than the standard mats and don’t require any power washing; a good washing with a garden hose can clean the mat in no time.

The Benefits of a Custom-Fit Mat

While you can easily find a garage mat from your local store, custom-fit mats are better if you want a long-lasting floor mat that’s specifically made for your garage. As one of the top garage floor coating companies in Tennessee and Georgia, we have a range of coatings and mats that are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your garage.

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