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Summer Floor Coating Application Challenges and Tips

While polyaspartic coatings are known for their fast cure time, unlike garage floor epoxy that can take days to set. However, they must be used with care in hot, humid weather as they set even faster. It’s important to always use the right products and plan before application.

Summer Floor Coating Application Challenges and Tips

Read on as your leading flooring expert, Guardian Garage Floors, shares handy tips on applying floor coatings in the summer.

Floor Coating Application and the Weather

Humidity slows down moisture evaporation from the polish film, leaving it soft and not fully dried. While a floor finish may appear dry, it can actually be wet and soft on the inner floor surface.

Proper ventilation is necessary after the application of garage floor coatings.  You can close the windows or run the air conditioner to reduce humidity levels. High humidity causes excessive scuffing and poor detergent and water resistance. There’s also a chance that furniture can stick to the finished garage floor.

Hot Weather Application Tips

  • Use the Right Products – Products for lower temperatures will cure faster in hot conditions. Check with your coating’s manufacturer regarding the ideal temperature and humidity levels before applying floor coatings.
  • Use Solvent for the Coating – Solvent will make it easier to work with your products. Add solvents with a medium-to-slow evaporation rate and always follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for suitable solvents and amounts.
  • Keep Your Materials Cool – Humidity affects the curing rate and pot life of polyaspartic coatings. Keep your products away from direct sunlight. Place your materials in places cooler than room temperature. Moreover, you may use smaller batches and apply it faster.

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