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4 Common Questions About Garage Flooring

It’s only natural for homeowners to have lots of questions about the home improvement projects they are planning. From roofing right down to garage flooring, there are certain things that only the experts can help you understand.

4 Common Questions About Garage Flooring

Here are the answers to the common questions about garage flooring.

Q: What should I look for when selecting a company?

A: Choose a company with several local references and a proven track record. Make sure you are getting high-quality products handled by certified trained installers. The right flooring is only as good as its installation. Our step-by-step process in applying our premium garage floor coating can prove this.

Q: How is your product better than others on the market?

A: The Guardian Garage Raleigh System uses a specialized polyaspartic and polyurea blend. It is 20 times stronger and 5 times more flexible than epoxy. It can withstand wear and tear better and is less affected by changes to temperatures. You can rest easy knowing your garage floor will keep its looks for life.

Q: How is your preparation better than other companies?

A: Our installers are well-trained and use only quality equipment and techniques. It ensures an unbreakable bond between the prepared floor and our product. We use custom diamond disk grinders to prepare the surface of your garage floor. Once ground, we check the floor for any cracks and divots. We patch and fill them to make your new flooring as effective as it should be. We prepare your garage floor better than other garage floor coating companies.

Q: Do you warranty the finished floor?

A: Yes. We offer a lifetime guarantee on all floors. The warranty covers any failure and delamination of the products we install. The Warranty is also transferable to the homeowner for a period of 15 years. We understand that installation quality is as important as product quality.

Guardian Garage Raleigh offers you the perfect epoxy garage floor among others. We’ve got you covered. Call us today at [phone_number_tn] in Tennessee or [phone_number_ga] in Georgia.

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