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Pressure Washing Polyaspartic Floors: Is It Recommended?

High-quality polyaspartic garage floor coatings offer many benefits, including minimal maintenance requirements. Still, you might be curious if pressure washing is an option to keep them looking their best. The team at Guardian Garage Floors explains everything you need to know about taking care of polyaspartic garage floors and if pressure washing them is a good idea.

Pressure Washing Polyaspartic Floors: Is It Recommended?

Understanding Polyaspartic Garage Floors

Polyaspartic garage floor coatings are designed to provide a hard, durable, and beautiful surface that can stand up to heavy traffic and wear. They’re known for their outstanding resistance to spills, stains, and even hot tire pick-up. Their aesthetic appeal also makes your residential garage floors look like showroom floors!

Can Polyaspartic Garage Floors Be Pressure Washed?

Pressure washing is a common method for cleaning exterior surfaces. But whether or not it’s safe to pressure wash your polyaspartic garage floors, it’s essential to consider its potential effects. While it may be effective in quickly and thoroughly washing away dirt and grime, it can also cause water to seep into any available crevices, resulting in damage over time.

The Professional Approach

There are safe and effective professional cleaning methods for polyaspartic coatings that take their specific properties into account, ensuring your floors remain in excellent condition. A simple sweep and mop with a mild detergent will typically suffice for regular maintenance. For more stubborn grime, a soft brush might be necessary.

Leave It to the Professionals

When searching “garage floors residential” online, the name Guardian Garage Floors tops the list, and for good reason. Our team is fully committed to providing top-notch polyaspartic floor coating solutions for both residential and commercial clients. Count on us to get the job done right with our one-day installations. You can reach us at (615) 645-3696 or fill out our convenient online form to learn about how to best take care of your flooring or get a free estimate.

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