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Tire Marks on Garage Floors: How to Avoid Them?

Are you constantly dealing with unsightly tire marks on your garage floor? As any car enthusiast or homeowner will tell you, keeping your garage flooring spotless is imperative to enhance your home’s appeal. Guardian Garage Floors talks about how you can keep those stubborn tire marks at bay and make your garage floor look as good as new!

Tire Marks on Garage Floors: How to Avoid Them?

What Is Hot Tire Pickup?

Hot tire pickup is a common term used to describe the process in which the tire rubber sticks to the surface of a thinly-surfaced garage floor. Tires that are hot and expanded transfer the heat to the cooler flooring surface, causing the sealer adhesion to soften. Once they cool down and contract, it “grabs” the sealer and compromises the bond between the coating and the concrete surface.

What Causes Hot Tire Pick-Up to Happen?

Hot tire pickup isn’t caused by hot tires softening the sealer. It’s more often a sealer composition and adhesion issue when the epoxy garage floor coating isn’t a high-quality product, which means it isn’t too effective against chemicals. This can also be the result of poor workmanship wherein important steps of the installation process were completely ignored and weren’t sealed properly. Even slight temperature changes can cause the rubber to become tacky and stick to the surface of the floor.

Prevent Tire Marks With Polyaspartic Floors

It’s important to find a garage floor coating that is durable and resistant to harsh chemicals to prevent tire marks. Polyaspartic floors are a great alternative to epoxy floor coatings and are specifically designed to prevent tire marks. They are easy to install, provide a beautiful sheen, and will last for years with proper care. They’re also slick, allowing tires to easily roll across them without picking up particles.

The Best Floor Coating Company in the Area

When it comes to preventing tire marks on your garage floor, you’ll want to make sure you choose the best from several garage floor coating companies. Call Guardian Garage Floors at (615) 645-3696 today for a free estimate. You can also visit our contact page to learn more about our products and services. We’ve been providing exceptional flooring services for years using polyaspartic floor coatings for superior protection from tire marks and other damaging elements. Let’s give your garage floor the protection and appeal it deserves.