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Why Choose a Chip Flooring System for Your Garage

The materials used for your garage flooring play an important role in its safety, functionality, and durability. That’s why you should choose a type of floor coating that looks good and can withstand unwanted spills and extreme temperatures — such as a chip floor coating system.

Chip Flooring System for Your Garage

Continue reading as Guardian Garage Floors NC shares the top benefits of using a chip floor coating system in your garage.


Choose from an array of decorative chip coatings so your garage can match the look in other areas of your home. They come in various colors, ranging from earthy browns to cool blues. They also have a shiny finish perfect for a contemporary look. If you want the luxurious appeal of granite and terrazzo, you can cop the look using a chip floor coating system — and for less!


Unlike paint or garage floor epoxy, chip floor coatings can withstand abrasion and endures constant wear and tear because of their polymer composition. This type of coating also permanently binds when applied to a concrete floor, ensuring superior durability. Moreover, since these coatings are UV-stabilized, your garage floor can retain its look over a long period.

Chip flooring systems are also safe from marks and stains caused by spilled liquids and chemicals. In case fluids drip into your garage floor, you can mop them easily. This type of coating can also resist extreme temperatures and even heavy equipment loads, which are vital considerations in a garage.


The chip floor coating system consists of small chips that create a textured surface, which enhances grip and slip resistance. This means increased safety and walkability in your garage.

Whether you’re doing a full renovation or a few minor upgrades in your garage, you should consider adding a chip floor coating system. Guardian Garage Floors NC specializes in garage floor coatings, and we have an experienced team to help you achieve stylish yet durable floors for your space. Consult our experts today by calling (984) 205-9961 or completing our contact form.

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