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Why Homeowners Love Polyaspartic Basement Floors

Many of our customers have expressed satisfaction with their polyaspartic basement floors. This durable material has outdone epoxy floor coatings, bare concrete and tiled flooring.

Why Homeowners Love Polyaspartic Basement Floors

In this post, Guardian Garage Floors enumerates the advantages that customers enjoy from this outstanding flooring material.

Exceptional Resistance

Polyaspartic floors are made from high-quality materials with exceptional resistance to scratches and abrasions. Homeowners are impressed with the sturdy surfaces, which are resistant to chemical spills and stains. Polyaspartic flooring requires minimal maintenance and cleaning too.

High Heat Tolerance

Heat can damage bare concrete as well as tiled garage and basement floors. With a polyaspartic garage floor, you won’t have to worry if the high heat from your tires or engines will cause damage. This material has exceptionally high heat resistance, so there’s no need to wait outside to cool your vehicle.

Low to Zero VOCs

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are dangerous to the environment. Polyaspartic floors release low to zero VOCs, unlike epoxy floors. So you can be confident your basement floor won’t contribute to environmental harm.

Strong Concrete Bonding

Polyaspartic floors bond effectively with concrete as long as an experienced, competent professional does the job. Guardian Garage Floors provides excellent polyaspartic products and guarantees proper installation so you can get the most out of your basement floor.

Fast Installation

A polyaspartic floor cures quickly once it’s set. Your contractor will clean the entire basement area and install the material. It’s an incredibly fast process, so you don’t have to wait long before you can enjoy your basement floor.

Guardian Garage Floors is the top polyaspartic garage floor installation company in the area. We offer only the best garage floor installations that will last many years. Call us at (615) 645-3696 or fill out this contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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