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Why Concrete Is a Great Flooring Option for Office Buildings

You’ll have to pay attention to the look and feel of your office space if you want to boost morale and inspire productivity in your team. And given that flooring is one of the workplace’s most noticeable design aspects, you will want to make sure it’s always in good shape. This means choosing a material that can handle consistent traffic while being easy to clean and maintain. In short, you may want to choose polished concrete floors. One of the most trusted garage floor coating companies in the area, Guardian Garage Floors, shares why.

Why Concrete Is a Great Flooring Option for Office Buildings

Superior Durability

You can expect your concrete office floors to last a lifetime because they are designed for strength and stability. In fact, it will take a long time before they start showing the first signs of wear and tear. This is in contrast to carpet, tile and wood, which will need replacement after only a few years.

Low-Maintenance Value

Polished concrete floors require little maintenance. All they usually need is a quick sweep and mop to keep them clean and looking good. But if you want to make their upkeep even easier, you should consider having Guardian Garage Floors install a polyaspartic floor coating system. This creates a sleek protective layer over your concrete floor, making it impervious to cracks, chips, dents and stains, all while eliminating the need for extensive maintenance routines. Polyaspartic coating is a better and stronger alternative to an epoxy garage floor, and it can also be used to protect the concrete floors of your office space.

Safer Workplace

If your office still has carpeted floors, you might want to switch to concrete. Carpet flooring is more susceptible to dust and dirt buildup, which can negatively affect indoor air quality in your workplace and trigger allergic reactions in employees. Concrete, especially when applied with polyaspartic floor coating, allows no such issues. Its protective layer forms a barrier that prevents contaminants from accumulating on the floor surface.

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