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5 Causes of Garage Floor Cracking

It is not uncommon to find cracks in concrete floors. You may find them unsightly, but they are not necessarily harmful. Nevertheless, it pays to understand why they happen to determine whether they are a symptom of a bigger problem.

Today, Guardian Garage Floors talks about the five possible reasons why concrete garage floors could crack.

1. Shrinkage

Concrete shrinks as its transitions from liquid to solid forms. Hairline cracking is a natural phenomenon in the curing process of the material. Although concrete shrinkage could last for decades, it is not something to be worried about, from a structural standpoint.

2. Settlement

Settling happens when the soil under the property moves over time. A little of it may not reveal any visual evidence, but advanced settlement could produce conspicuous cracking in the garage flooring.

Unlike shrinkage cracks, settlement cracks are no laughing matter. Address them with a sense of urgency or else you may experience severe flooding and structural concerns due to uneven flooring. 

3. Expansion

Concrete tolerates heavy loads, but it has low tensile strength. In other words, it does not bend or stretch well. Extreme temperature fluctuations could result in cracking.

4. Foundation Damage

Any damage to the foundations of your property could manifest itself through floor cracking. Foundation issues could stem from heavily wet soil after a storm. Unstable soil as well as invading roots could also cause slabs to move.

5. Bad Construction

Poor workmanship almost always leads to cracked garage floors. The use of an improper base like uneven soil, the purpose of low-quality concrete, and skimping on gravel are some of the costliest installation mistakes.

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