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surefire-admin January 3, 2020

5 Causes of Garage Floor Cracking

It is not uncommon to find cracks in concrete floors. You may find them unsightly, but they are not necessarily harmful. Nevertheless, it[...]



surefire-admin December 27, 2019

Investing in a New and Improved Garage in Time for the New Year

Garage floors in residential properties are by far some of the most underrated parts of a home. Most people simply use this space as[...]



surefire-admin December 20, 2019

4 Perfect Flooring Materials for Your Basement and Garage

One of the toughest decisions you need to make during a remodel is choosing the right type of material for your needs. For basements and[...]



surefire-admin December 9, 2019

Can You Apply Garage Floor Coatings During Winter?

Many homeowners are postponing applying their garage floor coatings until after winter based on the belief that the cold makes for a bad[...]



surefire-admin December 4, 2019

4 Common Questions About Polyaspartic Floor Coating Answered

As you do your research on the best garage flooring materials, you may have come across polyaspartic concrete coating products. This tough[...]



surefire-admin December 3, 2019

The Best Materials to Use for Commercial Bathroom Floors

Often exposed to high foot traffic, commercial bathroom floors need to be twice as sturdy and functional as their residential counterparts.[...]



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