How to Choose the Right Commercial Garage Flooring

In commercial building planning, its necessary for the owner or manager to allocate sufficient parking space for workers and customers alike. Furthermore, aside from the garage space itself, there are other considerations: Should your garage be covered? How many cars should it be able to fit? Do you need a one- or multiple-story garage? Will the garage also serve as a workshop? For an indoor garage, consider the garage floor type and material. A commercial garage is likely to get a lot of traffic, so your floor must be prepared to handle more than the usual wear and tear.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Garage Flooring

Garage floor coating specialist, Guardian Garage, shares these tips to help you find the right commercial garage flooring:

Choose commercial-grade garage floor coating. Not all floor coating materials are created equal. You need a material that will be able to keep up with daily traffic and operations. It’s best you choose floor coating that’s been proven more durable than traditional materials.

Ensure proper floor preparation. One of the advantages of hiring experienced garage floor coating companies is that they know how to properly prepare the floor for coating. Without proper floor preparation, the coating will fail, no matter how high-quality it’s supposed to be.

Opt for more than just one layer of coating. Ideally, there should be a layer of primer coat, then one of the primary coating material, as well as one or two top coats for protection and shine.

Go beyond the typical gray. Gray has been the standard garage floor color for ages, but thanks to modern coating technology, you can now choose other colors, patterns or designs. This lets you to better match your garage floor with the rest of the garage or workshop’s design and color theme.

Hire a professional. To really ensure the high quality of your floor coating, it’s best to leave the job to pros–not only can they ensure quality application, they will also guarantee their work.

If you’re looking for the best garage floor option for your commercial building or establishment, call Guardian Garage today at [phone_number] to learn more about your best options. Schedule a consultation with us and learn just what sets our coating materials and technology apart from the more traditional epoxy garage floor solutions.