Improving the Air Quality Inside Your Garage

Some homeowners might have gotten used to the smell of exhaust fumes and chemicals in their garage, but the risk they pose to you and your family’s health should never be underestimated. High concentrations of airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are usually found in garages; these compounds are responsible for that chemical smell in the garage. Without proper ventilation, the VOCs can leak into the other parts of your home and put your family’s health at risk.


Improving the Air Quality Inside Your GarageGuardian Garage Tampa, a company well-known for our quality garage floor coatings, lists the ways you can reduce high concentrations of VOCs in your garage.

Avoid Warming Up Your Car in the Garage

Even with the garage doors open, it’s still not a good idea to warm up your car inside the garage. As the garage door is often used as the main point of entry in the house, exhaust fumes can leak into your home. It’s best to warm up your vehicle away from the house.

Air the Garage Out From Time to Time

The level of VOCs in your garage will inevitably increase over time because this is where paint, paint thinners and cleaning chemicals are usually stored. To prevent the chemical and musty smell often found in old garages, air the garage out from time to time and make sure the lids on containers are tightly shut. You can use a fan or two to help speed the process. You could also install a garage ventilation system to keep VOC levels low throughout the year.

Use Eco-Friendly Garage Flooring

Apart from the chemicals stored in your garage, garage floor finishes can be a source of VOCs. To ensure garage floor coatings release as little VOCs as possible, choose an eco-friendly one. In addition to eco-friendly coatings, you also need to choose one that can provide more protection than others. Epoxy coatings are often considered to be one of the more durable types of coatings, but there are other types of coatings that can do even better. Guardian Garage Floor’s system is 20-times stronger than your average garage floor epoxy coating. To learn more about what we can do for your flooring system, call [phone_number_tn] or [phone_number_ga] or fill out this form. We serve homeowners in Nashville, TN.