Top Reasons Why Polyaspartic Floors Are Perfect For Schools 

Maintaining floors in institutions like schools and universities is crucial for people’s safety. However, such facilities cannot stay shut down for a long time to make way for maintenance. On the other hand, it’s important to ensure that these shared spaces have safe and presentable floors too. 

Fortunately, polyaspartic floor coatings can be an excellent solution since they have shorter curing time than traditional flooring options. They also offer a range of benefits that would make their maintenance easier. That said, polyaspartic coatings are not only great as garage floor finishes; this type of floor coating can also be applied in other types of facilities including schools, hospitals and retail and grocery stores.

In this post, Guardian Garage Floors shares why polyaspartic floors are perfect for schools. 

Quick and Convenient

In schools, students and faculty are usually onsite all year round. This can make it challenging to schedule maintenance work such as flooring installation, which typically needs more than a day or two to finish. With polyaspartic floor coatings, the installation is much quicker. This type of coating dries very quickly and does not require air management. Curing usually ends in a few hours or less, so you don’t have to close off areas for such a long time.


Polyaspartic coatings are mainly used as garage floor coatings. But because of their strength and durability, they have become a top choice for schools and other high-traffic establishments as well. These coatings are designed with excellent resistance to scratching, peeling, chipping and denting. They are also stain and fade-resistant, allowing for an easier maintenance of school floors.

Aesthetically Appealing

Because polyaspartic coating is durable and can be easily maintained, you can rest assured that it can keep its beauty for a long time. It won’t turn yellow or fade. And if you ever need to patch or repair it, doing so wouldn’t require so much time and money.

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