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Tips on Protecting Outdoor Concrete

Concrete is quite a sturdy material that you might think it can withstand the elements on its own. While that may be true in some circumstances, outdoor concrete particularly may also sustain damage, especially if it is constantly exposed to pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Fortunately, there are ways to further strengthen this material. Garage flooring expert Guardian Garage Floors shares some tips below.

Outdoor Concrete Sealer

This can keep the moisture out and protect concrete against minor staining and wear. It is generally easy to find on the market since this type of sealer is commonly used in residential homes, particularly for decorative patios and driveways. That said, this sealer is not capable of standing up to the demands of industrial or commercial facilities.

Urethane-Based Coating

If an outdoor concrete sealer does not meet your requirements or you simply want a higher level of protection for your garage floors, a urethane-based coating might just be what you need. Urethane is a durable and water-resistant material, and it can withstand staining caused by spilled oils and chemicals.

Elastomeric Traffic Coating

This type of coating is ideal for outdoor surfaces that take a lot of abuse from vehicle traffic. Hence, it is considered to have one of the highest levels of outdoor concrete protection. With this type of coating, a membrane is formed over the surface of the concrete, basically protecting the concrete from damage that may be caused by ice, water vapor, impact, and other elements like salt and chlorides.

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