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surefire-admin September 21, 2022

FAQs: Outdoor Applications of Polyaspartic Floors

Polyaspartic is a thermoplastic polymer that can be used in several applications, including coatings and adhesives. It is created by mixing[...]



surefire-admin September 14, 2022

Why Are Roll-Out Mats Not Ideal for Garage Floors?

Garages serve many purposes. Aside from keeping cars, they can also be used as storage for equipment or seasonal decorations. Because[...]



surefire-admin September 7, 2022

Tips for Assessing a Flooring Contractor’s Reviews

Hiring the right contractor is vital to the longevity of your new garage floors. You must carefully assess a company before hiring one.[...]



surefire-admin August 26, 2022

Benefits of Professionally Installed Garage Floor Coatings

A high-quality coating can increase the longevity of your garage floor. For instance, polyaspartic coatings provide a nonslip and highly[...]



surefire-admin August 23, 2022

Patio Upgrades That Are Worth Your Money

A well-designed patio can make your home more appealing and functional. To get the best value for your money, consider the following patio[...]



surefire-admin August 22, 2022

4 Reasons Why Epoxy Floors Fail

Epoxy garage floors are popular because of their affordability and ease of application. Unfortunately, they tend to suffer from peeling and[...]



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