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surefire-admin February 21, 2023

Why We Love Polyaspartic Floors for Home Gyms

Polyaspartic flooring has been used by home gyms for years. We know first-hand just how beneficial it can be to have a durable and[...]



surefire-admin February 17, 2023

How Polyaspartic Floors Can Benefit Healthcare Facilities

When it comes to the healthcare industry, there is an ever-increasing need for facilities that are durable and hygienic. Polyaspartic[...]



surefire-admin February 3, 2023

The Do’s and Don’ts of Polyaspartic Flooring Maintenance

Polyaspartic floors are highly durable, scratch-resistant and non-porous, making them easy to maintain. However, like any other flooring[...]



surefire-admin February 2, 2023

Top Anti-Slip Commercial Flooring Options

When it comes to commercial flooring, it’s best to choose the type that will provide a safe work environment while also being able to[...]



surefire-admin January 27, 2023

4 Ways to Make Your Concrete Floors Last Longer

Concrete floors are a great option for many homes and businesses. They provide a durable, low-maintenance surface that can easily be[...]



surefire-admin January 27, 2023

Benefits of Getting a Polyaspartic Coating for Your Basement

Are you looking for a durable, waterproof, easy-to-maintain garage flooring option for your basement? Polyaspartic flooring is one of the[...]



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