3 Clever Ways you can Brighten up a Dark Basement

Brighten Up a Dark Basement

In this day and age, your basement need not be the typical dark, bleak, dreary place that’s only used for storing unused items. With a little imagination and some careful planning, you can transform your basement into something a bit more inviting and useful. Whether you’re thinking about turning your basement into a home office or would like to convert it into an extra bedroom, one sure way to revamp the space is by brightening it up a bit.

Repaint the walls. Probably one of the easiest and most affordable ways to brighten up your basement is by giving it a nice coat of light-colored paint. If your existing basement walls are dark, you’d be surprised how much of an improvement a fresh coat of bright paint can make. If you want to achieve a moodier look, you can use pastel colors like light grey or duck egg blue instead of going with plain white.

Introduce more natural light. There’s nothing better than natural light to enliven a dark, gloomy space. To introduce more sunlight into your basement, consider adding egress windows or installing sliding glass doors. Be sure to also move large pieces of furniture or shelving that may impede sunlight.

Apply a reflective floor coating. Much like painting your walls and ceilings, applying a reflective floor treatment on your bare concrete floors can significantly brighten up your basement. For best results, choose a polyaspartic coating that’s not only durable, but highly reflective as well.

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