4 Ways To Prepare Concrete For Floor Coatings

Experienced professionals understand the importance of preparing concrete before the application of floor coatings. Using the proper methods will ensure a flawless finish and excellent protection for the surface.


Keep reading to learn more about the four ways that experts prepare concrete surfaces for floor coating application.

1. Power Washing

This makes use of a power washer to clean and remove dirt, dust and debris from the surface. The high-pressure water dislodges any stubborn dirt that may have stuck to the concrete floor, ensuring a clean surface before the floor coating is applied. Power washing is typically preferred because of its affordability and accessibility, but mishandling the equipment can cause damage to the surface, such as scratches and cuts.

2. Acid Etching

Acid etching uses hydrofluoric acid to remove the top layers of hard surfaces such as concrete, masonry and tile. It helps prepare the surface for resin-based coatings by removing imperfections such as dirt, grime, stains and other debris. It works similarly to power washing, but it comes with no risk of scratches or deep cuts.

3. Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is a floor preparation technique that utilizes a machine loaded with small steel balls, which are shot at high speed toward the concrete. The balls blast loose the top layer of concrete, turning it into pieces that can be swept up. This results in a rough profile, which is OK because a thicker resin such as epoxy levels itself when drying, resulting in a smooth surface. If you’re using a newer resin technology like polyaspartic coating, the rough layer won’t smooth because polyaspartic coatings are applied in thinner layers.

4. Diamond Grinding

This is regarded by many experts as the current best practice for concrete floor preparation. We at Guardian Garage Floors use diamond grinding because it ensures an even, consistent finish. Diamond grinding utilizes a machine that accepts interchangeable diamond-embedded grinding tool bits into its rotating head. This rotating head portion is what comes into contact with the concrete floor, offering a dry, nonaqueous and nonchemical way of removing a thin layer of concrete and dirt.

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