5 Ways To Maintain a Floor That Sees High Foot Traffic

In commercial buildings, there are numerous areas that sees large amounts of foot traffic. The lobby, bathrooms and even the garage floors are no exception. Eventually, it’s possible for the floor to be worn out and lose its luster. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can maintain or at least minimize the effects of foot traffic on your floor.

In this post, Guardian Garage Tampa discusses the five different ways you can maintain a floor that sees lots of foot traffic.


5 Ways To Maintain A Floor That Sees High Foot Traffic

  1. Refinish The Floors – Refinishing your floors is one of the ways you can maintain them. You can accomplish this by washing the floor and applying a fresh coat of quality floor finish before the building even gets busy. That way, the floor will be prepared for increased use and will have increased protection against stains, scuffs and scratches.

  1. Polyaspartic Floor Coating – In terms of floor protection via floor coating, on the other hand, polyaspartic floor coating is one of the best materials to use, especially for garage flooring. Apart from that, polyaspartic floor coating can easily be applied and cures much faster compared to other traditional flooring options and has better durability than most.

  1. Mats and Rugs – Placing mats and rugs in areas that see large amounts of foot traffic is another way to minimize scuffing and scratches on your floor. In fact, mats and rugs have many uses, such as the ability to catch large amounts of dirt, grime and puddles before they spread through your building and protect against scuff marks and scratches from various substances. This helps keep your floor in top shape despite the foot traffic.

  1. Cleaning – Sometimes, the simplest ways of maintaining a floor is the best method of keeping it in top shape. Giving your floor a simple cleaning every now and then can do wonders for it and helps ensure its longevity. In fact, areas that see high traffic such as lobbies and entrances should be cleaned every few hours, especially during periods of inclement weather.

  1. Deep Cleaning – While giving your floor a simple cleaning can work well every now and then, it’s still important that you deep-clean the floor at least once a year. Deep cleaning can restore your floor to like-new conditions and help improve its cleanliness and appearance, allowing your floor’s lifespan to be extended.

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