Care and Maintenance Tips For Polyaspartic Floors

Among the many benefits of polyaspartic flooring is its relatively low maintenance requirements, which is a boon for homeowners who do their own home maintenance. In today’s post, Guardian Garage Floors shares tips on how to care for and maintain your polyaspartic floor.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Polyaspartic Floors


Make sure that dust, dirt and loose debris are removed from the floor surface before applying cleaning products. Only use a broom with soft bristles or a microfiber mop to prevent scratching or gouging the floor surface. Keep an eye out for gravel chips, glass shards and other debris that usually get stuck on car tires.


Polyaspartic floors need to be scrubbed every one to two weeks to prevent buildup on its surface. While you can use mild detergent mixed with water, you can get better results with cleaning products specifically formulated for flooring. Look for a cleaner with a neutral pH value and avoid products that have salts, acids or silica (sand) among its ingredients. Often, these products can be too harsh when undiluted — follow the product-to-water ratio prescribed by the manufacturer.

Alternatively, polyaspartic flooring can be cleaned using a solution of five ounces of ammonia for every gallon of hot water. Use a mop to spread the solution on the surface, then rinse with warm water. It’s important to note that you should never mix cleaning products as they could cause a reaction that may be harmful to both yourself and the floor.


Polyaspartic floors can take a lot of beating, but they’re not invulnerable. A few best practices will help you get the most out of them over their life span:

  • When moving furniture and other heavy objects, place drop cloths under them to avoid scratches.

  • Install felt or rubber pads under chair and table feet to prevent indentations on the surface.

  • Protect the floor from paint, adhesives and other liquids with plastic sheeting.

  • Clean the floor surface immediately in case of contact with liquids.

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