Choosing Polyaspartic Floor Coatings For Fb Facilities

When it comes to maintaining safety in food and beverage (F&B) facilities, smooth and slip-resistant flooring systems are of utmost importance. Given that, polyaspartic coating is the best choice for such flooring as it helps prevent bacterial contamination and slip-and-fall accidents.

Choosing Polyaspartic Floor Coatings for F&B Facilities

Read on as Guardian Garage Floors takes a closer look at the benefits of using polyaspartic coatings for F&B facility flooring.


Food and beverage companies place a premium on the safety of their employees and customers. This is because of foodborne illnesses, which lead to thousands of deaths nationwide each year. To avoid these issues, F&B facilities must practice proper sanitation, which involves using smooth and fluid floor coatings without grout lines. These specifications are crucial to maximizing antimicrobial efforts and controlling pathogens.

If concrete flooring is not adequately coated, it could cause bacterial growth and damage to the surface. Fortunately, polyaspartic floor coatings are thick enough to provide a seamless surface for food and beverage facility floors. Moreover, because polyaspartic coatings are thin and fluid, they can fill concrete gaps to ensure safe flooring, offering excellent resistance to bacteria and ease of maintenance.


Polyaspartic floor coatings feature anticorrosive properties, which help the surface withstand highly acidic food ingredients and corrosive cleaning products. Additionally, this flooring doesn’t crack even when exposed to extreme temperatures, which is a common issue in food facility environments.


According to surveys, workers in the food and beverage industries experience the highest rates of injuries from slips and falls. Fortunately, there are several variants of polyaspartic floor coatings, which can be customized to achieve either smooth or slip-resistant surfaces. Thanks to this flooring, F&B companies can prevent accidents and keep their workplace a safe space for employees.

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