Comparing Top Garage Floor Protection Options

Garage floors can take a fair amount of beating, which makes garage floor protection a must. In this blog, garage floor coating company Guardian Garage Floors shares a quick comparison of today’s top garage floor protection options.



Why Should You Have Your Garage Floor Protected?

Garage floors are exposed to dirt, dust, grease and various types of automotive fluids and chemical spills. Add to that the detritus that sticks to car tires, such as gravel, asphalt and road salt, and you can see why your garage floors need better protection. While bare concrete and floor tile does the job, they’re vulnerable to cracks and stains, which leads to a new flooring installation every few years.

Garage Floor Protection Options

This is where garage floor protection comes in. It goes on top of the bare concrete floor as a coating, adhered material or loosely-laid pieces. Each has its pros and cons, and it bears noting that, while some options may have higher upfront cost, you have to consider the cost and effort to clean, maintain and even prolong your garage floor’s life span into the equation.

Polyaspartic Floor Coating — As far as floor protection goes, polyaspartic floor coating is the best option on the market. It’s exceptionally durable, penetrates deeper into the concrete, and has better stain resistance. It requires minimal maintenance and doesn’t turn yellow from exposure to UV rays. Polyaspartic floor coatings cure quickly. A typical installation can be completed within a day start-to-finish.

Epoxy Floor Coating — An epoxy garage floor is a serviceable option and can be purchased off the shelf. Epoxy takes much longer to cure, and can’t be applied under extreme temperatures. This takes one-day installations out of the equation, and may require specialized tools to achieve a professional look.

Concrete Resurfacer — Concrete resurfacer is used in paths, driveways and patios, in addition to garage floors. It’s mostly made of Portland cement and polymers, and is applied as a thin layer similar to concrete finishing.

Garage Floor Coverings — Floor coverings like mats, rugs, and parking pads are easily purchased online and off-the-shelf. While they are easy to install, they’re are not an ideal long-term solution, as they wear out easily.

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