Consider Concrete Floors To Make Your Home Eco Friendly

You might think that your bare concrete floor should be hidden under other flooring materials such as hardwood, carpet or ceramic, but this isn’t always the best choice for sustainability in your home. Instead of wasting resources, why not leave your concrete floor as it is? 

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Of course, you can still reinforce your concrete slab by applying a good layer of polyaspartic coating, so that you’ll get a durable and long-lasting floor that can withstand the elements with little maintenance needed! 

Guardian Garage Floors, the number one company for one day garage floors, discusses how your concrete floor can keep your home eco-friendly:

Why Concrete Is More Sustainable

A well-built concrete floor offers several advantages on its own, so there’s no need to cover it with carpet or wood flooring. And so long as it’s properly sealed by a trusted professional, concrete floors help contribute to improved air quality as well as better energy efficiency. There’s no need to worry about the products we use in sealing concrete floors; we have eco-friendly options that are nontoxic and low-odor, so they won’t make an impact on the environment.

Other Benefits To Consider

Treated and sealed concrete garage floors will never get discolored or stained. This makes it easier to maintain, and you won’t have to use a variety of chemicals and soaps to clean it. This in turn means less waste from using such chemicals, which helps the environment.

Concrete is also a great conductor of heat, so it gets warm almost immediately when exposed to different levels of thermal energy. If your home is built to take advantage of solar radiation entering through windows in the winter months, the concrete floors will effectively absorb the heat from the direct sunlight and release the stored heat as needed at night to keep your home warmer. 

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