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Epoxy vs. Polyurea Floor Coating: What’s the Difference?

Epoxy vs. Polyurea Floor Coating

Your garage floor coating is often an overlooked part of your interior, even though it plays an important role in your property. Take the time now to look at your garage flooring. Does it need some work? Do you see any cracks or stains? If the floor looks like it has seen better days, perhaps it’s time to give it an update. One way to do that is by applying a new, high-quality coating on your flooring.

Epoxy vs. Polyurea Floor Coating
With a new coating, your floor will be protected from stains, cracks and other forms of damage for years to come. What kind of coating should you get? Epoxy and polyurea coatings are two popular options. Which one should you choose?

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy and polyurea are not paint products. Rather, they shield flooring material by acting as barriers. Epoxy garage floor coatings are available in different degrees of thickness and can bond with concrete really well. They are extremely durable and moisture-resistant, especially the thicker variants. As with other home materials, however, they have some drawbacks. For example, the color can fade drastically over time, especially when regularly exposed to sunlight. Epoxy coatings also lack flexibility, causing them to require frequent repairs and maintenance due to abrasions and freezing temperatures. Lastly, epoxy is susceptible to blisters and bubbles, which can make your flooring material weaker over the long haul.

Polyurea Coatings

A type of polyurethane created by a chemical reaction involving a two-part mixture, polyurea coatings are beautiful, waterproof and impact-resistant. Unlike epoxy, they are extremely flexible, enabling them to withstand extreme temperatures without cracking or peeling. The color of your polyurea coating won’t fade even if it’s exposed to direct sunlight, and the material is 20 times stronger than epoxy. Polyurea coatings also cure fast, taking only a day for the process to finish.

If there’s one issue with polyurea coatings, it’s that they settle extremely fast. This is why it’s best to call on expert garage floor coating companies to handle the job. A skilled professional will know how to handle polyurea coatings properly, ensuring you get the results you’re looking for.

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