How Floor Coatings Can Mitigate Winter Hazards

As a business owner, the winter season means there are certain safety hazards you need to consider. When it comes to workplaces, slips and falls are the number one cause of accidents. But do you know that your floor coating can help mitigate many of these risks for you? Thus, you must choose the best floor coating to protect you and your employees from accidents.  

How Floor Coatings Can Mitigate Winter Hazards

In this article, Guardian Garage Floors, one of the leading garage floor coating companies, discusses how your floor coating can reduce warehouse hazards during the winter season. 

Increase Traction on Floors

Many warehouses and business properties have concrete flooring because it’s easy to clean and maintain. For extra protection, you apply the best floor coating. However, concrete floor coatings aren’t just for the protection of your warehouse floors. Your employees, customers, business partners can benefit from it, too! Coated concrete floors provide better traction, increasing your balance while walking across the floor. You’ll still need to put up a “wet floor” sign, but you can feel more secure knowing there’s less of a risk of slips and falls thanks to concrete floor coatings. 

Minimizes Risks of Cracks

For the best concrete floor coating, many experts choose polyaspartic coating, instead of the epoxy garage floor. Polyaspartic coating maintains the quality of your floors and minimizes the possibility of chips and cracks. Chips and cracks may not seem like a safety hazard at first. But over time, they can get bigger and cause employees and customers to trip and fall. Equipment can also snag on the floor, dropping heavy cargo. Thus, it’s a smart move to apply polyaspartic coating on your warehouse floor to prevent these kinds of injuries. 

Provides More Visibility 

In some cases, you may not immediately see the presence of water, especially if there’s been a spill or a leak. This is particularly true in darker areas of your warehouse. Fortunately, your concrete floor coating can help alleviate this problem. Your floor coating creates a clear and reflective surface, which means spills and leaks can be detected more easily. Should you see any wet areas in your workplace, be sure to have them sealed off, labeled and cleaned as soon as possible to avoid risks such as slipping and falling off. 

Winter may bring several issues to your workplace, so be sure to take preemptive measures to avoid them. Don’t forget that the right floor coating goes a long way in keeping your property secure. For quality warehouse or garage floor coating, talk to our experts at Guardian Garage Floors. Call us today at (615) 645-3696 or fill out our contact form to set an appointment.