How Polyaspartic Floors Benefit Indoor Farming Facilities

As farming and agriculture become smarter and more innovative, climate change and other environmental challenges have driven some growers to think outside the box and adapt to newer practices to increase their efficiency and productivity. While some indoor growing enterprises choose to build new growing facilities from the ground up, others are being set up in formerly vacant industrial buildings and commercial spaces. Naturally, concrete floors are found in these older factories and commercial spaces, and many are unprotected before they are converted to indoor growing facilities. 

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But how do polyaspartic floors benefit your indoor growing facility? As a reputable expert for industrial and garage floors, Guardian Garage Floors shares their insight:

How Bare Concrete Flooring Can Affect Productivity 

Concrete is a foundational construction material that’s used in nearly any commercial and industrial application. Concrete flooring is ideal for most facilities and provides several advantages, but it’s not advisable to leave it unprotected. This is because concrete is naturally porous, so it can absorb moisture and any type of liquid in the indoor growing facility. 

Unprotected concrete flooring becomes more susceptible to chemicals such as fungicides and fertilizers that can “seep” through the flooring and into the soil and groundwater. When this happens, it can affect the productivity and structural integrity of your indoor growth facility! Talk to your commercial and garage flooring specialist about how you can keep your concrete floors protected.

How Coated Concrete Floors Benefit Your Facility

With an experienced professional, you can have a protective concrete floor coating designed to withstand humid industrial environments. This promotes good sanitation and provides a layer of protection against different kinds of chemicals that allow easy clean-up even if they were spilled directly on the floor. 

When properly coated, your concrete flooring becomes highly resistant to stains, daily wear-and-tear and moisture. It also becomes slip-resistant to provide more traction for foot traffic and reduce any chance of accidents. Your concrete flooring will become more tolerant to moisture absorption as well, even in indoor environments that have constantly damp conditions!

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