How to Avoid Slips and Falls in Your Workplace

Tens of thousands of workers suffer from slip and fall injuries every year. Without proper flooring, safety equipment and safety practices, workplaces can end up with an increased number of slip and fall accidents.


To ensure your working environment is safe, follow these tips from building professionals.

Use Nonslip Working Surfaces

Commercial and industrial workplaces are often designed with materials that create surfaces prone to slips, trips and falls. Or sometimes substances such as oil, grease and water spill on the floor, creating a safety hazard. To prevent or minimize such accidents, opt for slip-resistant surfaces or apply polyaspartic floor coatings on the floors in your building. Polyaspartic floor coatings are typically used on garage floors to reduce the risk of slips and falls as well as reduce noise and vibration.

Organize Cables

Cables are one of the primary causes of tripping in the workplace as different types of equipment and machinery are used in offices and other types of facilities. Make sure to employ cable management systems so that your office floors are free of tripping hazards. Cables should be tied away from high-traffic walkways and high-risk work zones.

Issue Protective, Nonslip Footwear

Nonslip footwear is essential in automotive and assembly line manufacturing facilities. This footwear has highly abrasive heels and hardened shells to withstand heavy equipment drops from wrenches to dense workpieces. In addition to slip-resistant floors, nonslip footwear gives excellent protection that is needed in industrial settings.

Reduce Obstacles in High-Traffic Walkways

High-traffic walkways see a lot of foot traffic during the day and should have no obstacles. Clearing cables or placing protective panels over them significantly reduces slip and fall injuries. Furthermore, all worktables and equipment along the path must have uniform placements to avoid disruptions or hazards.

Provide Adequate Equipment and Machine Training

Slip and fall injuries can also happen when workers aren’t given proper equipment and machine training. For example, if a piece of equipment is not being operated correctly, tools and materials could fall on high-traffic areas where other people might trip or slip over those objects.

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