How to Prevent Accidental Slips & Falls at Work

Slips and falls can happen to anyone in the workplace. They can be the result of someone distracted, daydreaming or having a momentary lapse in attention. They are small accidents most of the time, but some slips and falls cause more injury than others. And according to the U.S. Department of Labor, these incidents make up the majority of general industry accidents! 


Prevent Accidental Slips

Fortunately, there are a few ways to manage your commercial environment and reduce the potential hazards that lead to slips, trips and falls. Guardian Garage Floors NC, a reputable expert in epoxy garage floor coatings, shares more insight here.

Typically, slips, trips and falls happen due to a loss of traction between the walking surface and the foot. They can also happen due to sudden and unexpected contact with a fixed or moveable object. Some of the common situations that lead to slips, trips and falls include uneven walking surfaces, wet/greasy floors, sloped surfaces, damaged staircases with no handrails, scattered cords/cables and so on. 

Prevention Tips to Consider

  • Invest in floor protection. If your floor is made of bare concrete, it will need the right coating to reduce accidental slips and falls. This also protects your flooring from cracks, holes, abrasions or any other type of damage that leads to slipping and falling. Consider investing in garage floor finishes such as polyaspartic coating that not only keeps your concrete floor intact for years, but also provides excellent slip resistance in the workplace.
  • Practice proper housekeeping. This is a fundamental tip that should always be followed if you want to reduce accidental slips, trips and falls. Proper housekeeping means cleaning up all spills immediately, sweeping up debris and using signage for any wet areas that were recently mopped. You should also make use of non-skid rugs, secure them properly if they don’t lay flat, and manage cables that cross pathways and walkways. 

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