How Your Home Can Benefit From Polyaspartic Floors

You may think that polyaspartic floors are commonly used for commercial spaces, but they’re very useful in residential spaces as well, and not just on garage floors. Guardian Garage Floors shares which rooms can benefit greatly when applied with polyaspartic floor coating:


Your basement will likely see a lot of foot traffic when you’re using it as a rec room, which means more dirt can accumulate. Or maybe you’re using it as a storage area for your home. Either way, you can minimize the effort needed to keep the space clean and presentable with an easy-to-clean polyaspartic floor system. Having this will also make your basement space look more polished. In fact, a complete polyaspartic flooring and epoxy coating prevents mold growth, so you can have a basement that’s designed to your liking while only requiring little maintenance.


The reason why garage flooring commonly has epoxy and polyaspartic coatings is because it won’t fail under the pressure of the natural weather, temperature and regular usage of heavy objects. Concrete floors can easily chip if heavy, dense objects hit the ground. You might prefer wood since for its beauty, but it really isn’t the most ideal solution against challenging conditions.

Meanwhile, epoxy flooring is more durable and eye-catching than concrete and wood, and when you add a vinyl flake to the system, it will additionally provide better traction for the wet season so you don’t risk slipping or falling. It’s also a great solution against chemical spills, so if your car happens to have an oil leak, you won’t need to worry about removing the stains.


While tiles are normally used in a bathroom, polyaspartic is also an attractive and even wiser choice in some situations. It’s so much easier to clean that you won’t have to worry about mold and mildew on your floors. Some studies show that roughly 235,000 people suffer injuries in their bathrooms each year due to slipping while getting out of the shower/tub, so it makes sense that polyaspartic flooring is a good solution to prevent this from happening.

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