Investing in a New and Improved Garage in Time for the New Year

Garage floors in residential properties are by far some of the most underrated parts of a home. Most people simply use this space as extra storage for tools and other seasonal equipment, although it could be so much more than that. This 2020, why not make the most out of this unappreciated space?

Our garage floor experts at Guardian Garage Floors offer these creative and useful garage resolutions you might want to look into this coming new year.


Garage security might not sound like a luxury home improvement project but it’s certainly one of the most important ones, perhaps even more important than getting brand new garage floors.

  1. Consider putting security cameras in and around your garage. This could be a standalone project or it could be part of a whole-home security improvement for the new year.
  2. Upgrade the locks that keep your garage door safe. With a little Internet query, you can find plenty of smart solutions for an automatic garage door opener with RFID keys.
  3. Use window concealers to hide what’s inside your garage and discourage unauthorized access.

New Floors

If you have used your garage as a home machine shop, for example, there’s a huge chance the floors are stained with oil, grease and other unsightly splatter. This year, it’s time to give these hardworking floors some much-needed protection.

  1. Talk to your local home improvement contractor about getting one-day garage floors with polyaspartic protective coating. This can help extend its life span and keep the concrete floors from getting chemical, impact and abrasion damage.
  2. Invest in proper water disposal facilities to help eliminate any potential water-related problems.

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