Is Polyaspartic Flooring Suitable for Airplane Hangars?

An airplane is heavier than other vehicles, uses harsh aviation fuels, and can cause scratches and impact damage on hangar floors. That said, is polyaspartic flooring suitable for airplane hangars? Guardian Garage Floors answers this question here.

Is Polyaspartic Flooring Suitable for Airplane Hangars?

Chemical Resistance

Polyaspartic flooring has high chemical resistance. It can withstand the damage that aviation fuels can cause. Furthermore, polyaspartic flooring can withstand the stronger cleaning solvents, waxes, lubricants and corrosive chemicals used to clean airplanes. Polyaspartic floors won’t suffer any damage and will maintain their integrity for many years.


Well-installed polyaspartic flooring can withstand extreme physical damage. It can endure the heavier weight of airplanes. Moreover, this type of flooring will not scratch or scuff when a tool or machine is dragged across its surface. You can look forward to a hangar free from scratches and dents, thanks to polyaspartic floor coatings.

Color Selection

Polyaspartic flooring comes in many colors, including the essential white floor for air hangars. It has excellent UV resistance and won’t turn yellow over time. Hangar floors with polyaspartic coating can also have special stripes or markings to aid airplane parking navigation. These coatings are also available in OSHA safety marking colors to highlight dangerous areas, pathways and storage.

Fast Installation

The installation of polyaspartic coating is fast and easy — which is crucial for airplane hangars.

High Reflectivity

Polyaspartic floors can reflect natural light from your hangar windows, ensuring the space is well-lit. You won’t have to install additional spotlights and activate extra lighting during the day.

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