Key Considerations for Choosing Commercial Gym Flooring

People who go to gyms regularly don’t usually think about the floors. However, if you’re a gym owner, you need to carefully consider the kind of flooring that will work best for your gym. In today’s post, Guardian Garage Floors discusses some key considerations when choosing flooring for a commercial gym.


Commercial Gym Flooring

Foot traffic. Foot traffic is negligible in home gyms, as there’s generally just one or two people using it for a few hours at a time. In a commercial gym, however, you’re looking at dozens, perhaps hundreds of people walking around the gym at any given time, which means increased wear on the floor. Commercial gyms need flooring with long-term resistance to wear from foot traffic.

Moisture. As with foot traffic, you’re looking at dozens of people sweating at any given time. If your gym has a sauna or pool, then installing water-resistant flooring is even more crucial. This automatically counts bare concrete out because, without a coating, it will readily absorb moisture, and is therefore vulnerable to damage.

Weights and machines. A typical commercial gym has several weight racks spread across the floor area, each of which can weigh thousands of pounds. This can increase wear on the gym floor even though it’s not moving. Mechanical gym equipment such as machines used for cardio and resistance training likewise exert strain on the gym floor. While concrete is a good substrate, it needs a coating that can withstand the combined wear caused by weights and equipment. It should also be able to stand up to the sudden impact of dropped weights.

Space. Moisture infiltration in seamed flooring may be manageable in a home gym, but this is much more difficult in a commercial gym that’s typically a few hundred square yards. Using the same type of seamed flooring increases the risk of moisture infiltration; therefore, the concrete substrate needs to be protected by a monolithic outer layer.

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