The Various Advantages Of Reflective Flooring

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If you work in an office environment, it’s likely that you’ve noticed that the building’s floors have a certain shine to them. This is because the office has what is known as reflective flooring. While your office’s reflective flooring may seem like the usual choice, surprisingly enough, there’s actually some strategy involved when choosing reflective floors.

In this post, Guardian Garage Tampa, a leading supplier of garage floor coating, discusses the various benefits of reflective flooring.

Energy Savings

Surprisingly enough, installing reflective floors on a building can help it save when it comes to monthly bills. This is because polished floor has high-light reflectivity and can amplify the amount of natural light entering a building during the day or reduce the reliance on artificial lighting at night. This allows the building to have a well-lit workplace despite less usage of LED lights. In fact, buildings that seek LEED certification tend to use reflective floors to help them achieve it.


Being able to save on energy bills isn’t the only advantage of reflective flooring. In fact, it can also enhance the workplace’s aesthetic appeal. After all, bright, polished floors will look better and can project a better professional image compared to a dull concrete surface. By adding polyaspartic floor coatings to the reflective floor, you can easily maintain the clean and professional image of your workspace. To apply reflective flooring with polyaspartic coatings to your building, don’t hesitate to turn to the pros of epoxy garage floor, Guardian Garage Tampa.


For commercial buildings, reflective flooring can significantly contribute to employee safety. This is because it reduces drowsiness and prevents situations where collisions could happen. This is especially true for parking garages as a reflective floor can keep both employees and customers safe when they’re walking or driving at night since it allows them to see better and can even deter potential intruders.

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