Tips For Assessing A Flooring Contractor’s Reviews

Tips for Assessing a Flooring Contractor's Reviews

Hiring the right contractor is vital to the longevity of your new garage floors. You must carefully assess a company before hiring one. Besides checking licenses and insurance, it helps to ask for references and do background research. Another thing that can tell you more about your prospective flooring installer is customer feedback.

Read on to find out how to distinguish if your proactive flooring contractor’s reviews are genuine.

When Was The Review Published?

Check how recently the garage flooring contractor’s reviews were published. Look out for contractors who received many reviews in a short amount of time. It could be that these comments are not from actual customers.

How Were The Reviews Written?

Often, paid or fake reviews are written by nonnative English speakers. Consider grammatical and spelling errors as red flags. Odd words that are not used in daily conversations could also mean that the review is not reliable.

Are There Repeated Phrases?

Have you noticed that some reviews have repeated words or phrases? If someone has repetitively used a brand name or product in their feedback, it is possible that they have been paid to write it and others.

Are There Reviews Describing The Contractor’s Service?

You want to focus on reviews from clients who had projects similar to yours. Doing so will give you an idea about what to expect when you hire the contractor. It is also essential to look for feedback that discusses the contractor’s communication skills and how they handle conflicts.

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