Top Anti-slip Commercial Flooring Options

Top Anti-Slip Commercial Flooring Options

When it comes to commercial flooring, it’s best to choose the type that will provide a safe work environment while also being able to withstand heavy foot traffic. That’s why experts encourage business owners to equip their commercial spaces with anti-slip flooring. However, there are several types of anti-slip flooring, which make it challenging for people to choose the right one.

To help you make an informed decision, trusted garage floor coating company Guardian Garage Floors enumerates some of the best options you can consider.

Anti-slip Vinyl

This type of vinyl offers both durability and slip resistance at an affordable price point. It’s available in several colors and patterns, so you can customize it according to your needs without compromising safety standards or design preferences.

Anti-slip Tile

If you want to improve your flooring’s appearance, then anti-slip tiles are your best choice. Aside from aesthetics, they provide superior slip resistance when wet.

Anti-slip Laminate

Are you looking for more cost-effective options than tile or vinyl? Laminate floors offer almost the same benefits as anti-slip tiles, but with a lower price tag.

Anti-slip Carpet

For those who want a softer feel underfoot while maintaining good traction levels on wet surfaces, this carpet might be just what you need!

Polyaspartic Flooring

This flooring option provides a good amount of traction between the floor and the shoe sole. Polyaspartic flooring can be formulated to include anti-slip additives such as aluminum oxide, which increases its slip resistance. Moreover, this flooring type has a hard and durable surface, which helps in preventing slip-and-fall accidents.

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