Warehouse Concrete Flooring: Does It Need Repair?

Concrete flooring is commonly used in various commercial properties, from office buildings and apartments to schools and retail stores. But while concrete flooring is known for its stability, it’s more likely to be damaged when used in a warehouse. That’s because warehouses have both foot traffic and use and abuse from heavy vehicles. This may lead to damage that requires prompt attention. But how exactly will you know? A garage floors residential company, Guardian Garage Floors, shares some of the warning signs to watch out for. 

  • Tire mark stains. Trucks and forklifts operating inside the warehouse can leave tire mark stains on your concrete floor, either because the vehicle has worn-out tires or has skidded on the polished surface. These marks are difficult to remove and will likely require abrasive chemical treatments.

  • Cracks on the floor. In cases where the warehouse floor can’t withstand the impact of something heavy falling onto it, the concrete may develop a few cracks. If the damage is minor, the cracks can be mitigated with cement filler, but larger cracks will need extensive repair work.

  • Chemical wear. Corrosive chemicals, such as concentrated acids, can spill on the concrete floor, leaving permanent cracks that can only be resolved by having the floor replaced. This generally happens when the concrete is bare. If you want to prevent extensive wear on your warehouse floor, you should turn to premier garage floors coating expert Guardian Garage Floors.

Our Floor Coating Systems

While we specialize in updating and reinforcing garage floors with high-quality polyaspartic coatings, we can actually take care of your warehouse flooring as well. Our coating systems can make concrete flooring impervious to cracks, dents and stains, reducing the need for repairs and regular cleanup or maintenance. Not only that, but our polyaspartic coatings can also revamp the look of your warehouse floor with a sleeker and more vibrant color and design.

Guardian Garage Floors is your go-to company for one day garage floors installation. However, our polyaspartic floor coating systems aren’t limited to garage spaces. If you want to update your warehouse floor, you know that you can count on us to deliver top-tier results. Schedule a consultation by calling us at (615) 645-3696 or filling out this contact form. We’d love to hear from you