What Makes Our Flooring Technology Ideal for Schools?

A lot of factors go into the process of designing a school, from choosing a suitable color of paint down to the type of flooring to have installed. There are numerous aspects that a school owner, administrator and building manager must decide upon but, when it comes to flooring, you need look no further. Guardian Garage’s flooring technology combines the qualities that you seek, making ours the most ideal school flooring material available on the market today.
What Makes Our Flooring Technology Ideal for Schools

Take a look at what our flooring technology offers:

Visual Appropriateness. School flooring must complement the building and the room where it’s to be installed. Besides being visually pleasing and comfortable to the eye, its color must blend with the rest of the room or space. Guardian Garage offers a variety of color and pattern options, so you will definitely find the best combinations you need for your school.

Uncompromised Safety. School floors must also be safe. This means they should be non-slip and comfortable to walk on. Guardian Garage floors are made from excellent high-quality materials and boast unquestionable safety and quality.

Ease of Maintenance. Schools typically experience high traffic on a daily basis. This means that your building and the materials used to build it, including flooring, are subject to extensive wear and tear. Maintenance is extremely important as it can help stave off damage. Guardian Garage floors are very easy to maintain, helping you save time and money.

Lasting Performance. Our floors boast a strong material composition which, together with our top-notch installation process and easy maintenance, promise you nothing but unmatched quality standards and lasting performance–backed by no less than a lifetime warranty!

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