Flooring is one of the most crucial components of any home. Flooring is, after all, a significant element of your home’s functionality and style. If you are looking for a durable and beautiful option with a wide variety of patterns and colors, you should consider a chip floor system.

Why Consider a Chip Floor System for Your Home

A chip floor system can work on any type of floor. It’s a top choice for any high-traffic residential unit. To learn more about chip floor coatings, Guardian Garage Floors discusses their top three benefits.


Unlike other concrete floor coatings, chip flooring systems offer superior durability. Paint, for example, may peel and experience wear over time. Meanwhile, chip coatings are a hybrid polymer composition. As such, chip floor coatings guarantee a permanent bond when applied to a concrete floor.

Also, the chip floor coating system offers a high level of resistance to stains caused by spilled liquids and chemicals. If oil or other fluids drip onto your floor, all you have to do is mop the area. Moreover, chip floor coating withstands extreme temperatures and UV rays. It offsets any damage done by harsh elements and continues to last for many years.


In general, the chip floor coating system is made up of small chips composed of vinyl. When applied to the floor, those chips create a special texture across the entire surface of your floor. This results in an enhanced level of grip and resists slips.

For this reason, this amazing finish improves the overall safety and level of walkability of your floor. With a floor coating system, rest assured that you reduce the chances of slips and trips. Regardless of where you apply this coating, this type of flooring ensures a high level of safety.


In addition to durability and safety, the chip coating provides a stylish look to your floors. It has the ability to blend into any color, from earthy browns to cool blues. This means the flooring can be customized to complement any color scheme you want. The chips also provide a flaked appearance like granite or terrazzo at a much more affordable price.

Planning to install a chip flooring system for your home? Make sure it has a polyaspartic coating for a stronger, more durable finish. For that, you can count on Guardian Garage Floors to get the job done right the first time