While epoxy flooring offers many benefits, one common complaint about it is its tendency to form bubbles when not applied correctly. In today’s post, Guardian Garage Floors discusses what causes epoxy floor coatings to form bubbles and takes a look at a better alternative.

spiked rubber roller for bubble removal


Bubbles typically form on the surface of the epoxy coating as it cures after application. The bubbles are about the size of a fingertip on average, and can be clustered in groups or spread across the floor surface. Epoxy bubbles are caused by a process known as outgassing. This occurs when the room temperature changes while the epoxy layer is curing, which usually takes 12 to 18 hours. Outgassing can begin from the bottom layers and rise slowly to the top.

“Fisheye” bubbles can occur if the flooring substrate has oil, grease or silicone residue on it during application. If the room temperature rises during the curing period, the epoxy reacts with the oil, resulting in “fisheye” bubbles. Increased humidity in the room can likewise result in bubbles or improper curing.


Proper installation methods and best practices can help prevent bubbles in epoxy coatings. Nevertheless, this leaves a small margin for error. Bubbles can occur even when professional installers are involved, especially when you consider uncontrollable factors like humidity and temperature. To prevent bubbles from forming — and avoid having to deal with redoing it — one has to carefully choose an experienced contractor.

Better yet, here’s a great alternative: polyaspartic coatings. Unlike epoxy, polyaspartic coatings can be applied at temperatures between -30 and 140 degrees, depending on the product. They can tolerate changes in humidity and ambient temperature without reacting or forming bubbles. Also, polyaspartic coatings cure in a mere fraction of the time it takes epoxy, with a single application needing only two hours at most. A full polyaspartic flooring installation can be completed beginning to end within a day.

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