For indoor establishments such as garages and commercial buildings, polyaspartic coating is the most ideal floor coating choice. It’s highly effective and versatile, which means it can be used in hallways, basements, patios and common areas. 

Polyaspartic Coating

As one of the leading garage floor coating companies in the state, here Guardian Garage Floors NC presents the top reasons why polyaspartic coating is considered one of the best floor coatings for commercial spaces.

Durable and reliable. Did you know that concrete floors and other floor coatings can break when exposed to heavy traffic or pressure? The continuous use of chemicals and various activities can also damage a concrete floor and cause structural damage to your building as well. To prevent this, applying polyaspartic coating is a smart solution. It’s designed to be more durable, reliable and flexible to protect your floors from damage for a long time. Unlike epoxy, polyaspartic coating won’t peel off after a few years. 

Resistant to chemicals and stains. Concrete floors can easily absorb stains and accumulate dirt, making them difficult to clean. Certain cleaning products may also erode the surface. When applied with polyaspartic coating, however, concrete floors become stain-resistant and smooth. Thanks to their smooth surfaces, concrete floors with polyaspartic coating won’t scrape dirt from shoes, which stops dust from building up. As such, maintenance is quick and easy. In addition, polyaspartic coating is chemical-resistant. This means you can use any chemical detergents to clean spills without worrying about scratching the surface.

Minimal allergies. As mentioned previously, concrete floors can accumulate dust and dirt. For people with allergies, dust and dirt may trigger allergic reactions, with symptoms such as coughing, sneezing and watery eyes. This can be especially uncomfortable for your employees and may affect their productivity. Fortunately, hard concrete floors with polyaspartic coatings don’t allow allergens to penetrate. With polyaspartic floor coating, rest assured your staff will remain comfortable and safe.

Reduced fall hazards. Due to impact, vibration or corrosion from abrasive materials, concrete floors may chip over time. The missing pieces will make the floor uneven and can cause accidents such as falling or tripping, which then leads to injuries like fractures and concussions. You don’t want your employees to get hurt, so it makes sense to apply polyaspartic coating on concrete floors to avoid these hazards. While polyaspartic floors can be slippery when wet, anti-slip additives can be applied to increase texture and ensure traction underfoot. 

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