The public restroom is burdened by heavy foot traffic and constant spillage. Although everyone should be considerate of other users, not all people care enough to keep everything clean and in order as a courtesy.

Since the restroom floor bears the brunt of everyday usage, choosing the right material is not enough. It is imperative to invest in a reliable covering to keep a public restroom in good condition and conserve taxpayer’s money in the long run.

To Guardian Garage Floors, the authority on garage floors in residential and commercial properties, polyaspartic coatings are the best covering solutions that meet public restroom requirements. Find out why below.


It should go without saying that any floor in a high-traffic area should be able to take a beating without getting damaged quickly. Polyaspartic technology can enhance the mechanical properties of different flooring materials, making them more resistant to peeling, fading, and scratches.


Experts in bathroom and garage floors would attest that lighting matters in public restrooms a lot. The floor itself should be able to spread the illumination properly by having a reflective surface.

A high-quality polyaspartic coating can improve the gloss of a flooring material, causing the light to bounce around and brighten up even the deepest spots.


This requirement does not need any explanation. Considering that polyaspartic tech does not allow liquid penetration, it can dry more quickly. As a result, its application can reduce the chances of slips and falls. Also, this floor covering solution renders maintenance less time-consuming.


Anyone who has seen one day garage floors would attest that the look of the space could dramatically improve the before and after of the project. Available in a variety of colors and textures, polyaspartic coatings can lend more character to any public restroom, which should be appealing in the first place.

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