The flooring of your open porch is constantly exposed to natural weather elements as well as daily foot traffic. It helps to use a material that can withstand the normal wear and tear, while at the same time requiring little effort on maintenance for ease of comfort. 

As a professional among garage floor coating companies, Guardian Garage Floors recommends using polyaspartic flooring on your open porch. Here’s what you need to do:


When you’re planning on installing flooring in an area where it will be rained on, you first need to ensure that you have the right slope level on the surface to provide proper drainage. You’ll also have to grad the land around the porch to help to prevent liquids from pooling on its surface. Otherwise, you’ll have water ponding in some areas of your open porch, which can cause additional damage if left unaddressed. It can also cause potential problems when water pools on the ground around your porch, as it can compromise the structure holding it. 


Of course, polyaspartic flooring isn’t just practical as a garage floor coating. You can also apply it on your open porch under nearly any type of weather. It dries hard after application, so you’ll get a durable stain- and scratch-resistant coating. You can also get this in a wide variety of options, so you won’t find it difficult to find one that suits your open porch.

One of the biggest reasons why polyaspartic flooring goes well for your open porch is because it won’t fail under the pressure of the natural weather, temperature and regular use of heavy objects. Having a traditional wooden floor may be nice, but it’s not ideal as it can chip if heavy and dense objects hit the ground. You might prefer using brick for that rustic feel, but it can also be expensive to maintain while not as durable unless regularly maintained. It’s also more durable than vinyl and composites, and it goes well with stained and stamped concrete.

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