Garage floor coating is a home improvement project that can transform your garage into a more functional space on your property. Whether you choose epoxy or polyaspartic floor coating, it must be applied by a professional who has the necessary experience and tools to finish the task successfully.

Why You Shouldn’t Install Garage Floor Coating by Yourself

Continue reading as Guardian Garage Floors discusses why coating your garage flooring is best left in the hands of experts.


The surface of your garage floor must be free of old coatings, paint or concrete contaminants for epoxy or polyaspartic coatings to bond properly. These residues can be removed by professional installers only. This is because professionals are equipped with diamond-chipped grinders, which are used to abrade the top layer of concrete, creating a rough surface ready for new coating applications.

On the other hand, DIYers typically use acid etching and other chemical abrasion techniques to clean the surface of their garage floors. Although the result is a more porous concrete, only grinders can deliver the ideal output.


Pouring floor coatings and concrete slabs are similar, but epoxy and polyaspartic coatings have a slightly thinner consistency. A squeegee is used to smoothen and even out the layers of freshly poured coating on the garage floors. While it seems floor coating application is simple and can be done by DIYers, completing this task perfectly requires years of practice and skills as well as professional equipment.


Generally, garage floor coating installations take several hours. For instance, the duration of applying polyaspartic garage floor coatings is about five to eight hours, in which floor preparation takes a significant portion of the entire process. That said, coating installation done by a professional equipped with industry-grade machinery and the necessary expertise takes fewer hours than a DIYer’s methods.

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